Tax policy

Company Greatcapital

Company always striving to fulfill its tax obligations, and our policy on taxes reflects and supports our business goals. All taxes and fees are paid by us in accordance with local laws and regulations of the countries in which acts GtreatCapital. As a socially responsible business, GtreatCapital considers taxes an important part of their social responsibility. GtreatCapital on for many years led a conservative and prudent fiscal policy. Activities GtreatCapital appropriate methodological guidance of the OECD "Transfer Pricing for Multinational Enterprises and the tax authorities, which means that the profit is distributed and is subject to value added tax.

Company pays taxes in due time and without delay, provide any relevant information requested by the authorized tax authority to clarify the companys tax liabilities.

Company strives to maintain good, professional and transparent relationship with the tax authorities. Company adheres to local rules and regulations regarding the storage of documentation. Therefore Company always documents his interaction with the tax authorities, registering it in a separate electronic storage.

As a minimum, every taxpayer in the Great Capital shall document and store all the information necessary to determine the taxable amount and the tax itself, for example, books, forms, files and other documents.

Company does not own any factories; she buys its products from independent suppliers of industrial countries, located mainly in Asia and Europe. Since Great Capital purchases in these countries the software and hardware and other related products in large quantities, it helps to create large number of jobs. In many countries, the jobs created by companies in the field of electronic and kriptovalyutnoy industry, such as Great Capital, to further stimulate industrial development and help alleviate poverty.

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