Finally, I found the owner of the lucky ticket winners in "Russian Lotto" 506 million rubles, almost 2 weeks ago and he was a pensioner from Voronezh some Natalia Vlasova, well what can we say and her daughter Ekaterina Evdokimova. The lucky ticket was purchased in one of the offices of "Mail of Russia".

From November 5 to the ticket just lying on a shelf in a private home. Then she asked her granddaughter to check this ticket. And here comes a rather strange moment - the granddaughter told grandma that the ticket did not win and why she did is unclear. Maybe just showed attentively, and maybe even "laid eyes" on him.

In the end, the grandmother herself has shown vigilance and myself went to the site "Russian Lotto" and got there numbers from your ticket. When showed almost complete coincidence, she at first could not believe my eyes, as the sum seemed incredible. But after some time when grandma came to himself and asked his daughter to double check and that too, at first did not believe, then looked again more closely at the figures confirmed that is the case - the winning is equal to 506 million rubles. By the way, the second ticket was also winning, but only in the sum of 129 rubles.

Vlasova herself and her daughter Evdokimova is an ordinary Russian citizens, who live as the majority of the Russian population on his salary and pension. Natalia Vlasova to retirement worked for many years in the insurance company and the special capital for their lives not saved - now lives in an ordinary wooden house, which even begins to fall to the side. The daughter is now a Secretary in the local court for a salary of 11,000 rubles. And they already said what they would do with falling sudden "happiness" - mostly to help their relatives, but the part would give on charity. By the way, they still have to pay tax on an income of about 66 million, but it is already possible to say that the "seeds" and with the principal amount not to compare.