Bitcoin over $ 20,000. The news that the government of Iran legalizes the crypto currency mining and recognizes it as a separate industry caused spontaneous growth of Bitcoin in the country. Within a few hours, its price reached $ 26,000 on the local exchange. According to the Iranian EXIR exchange, such a high interest in crypto currency has been retained for several days - Bitcoin still trades above $ 20,000, which is about 4 times more than in average market. Analysts say that the intensification of crisis phenomena in the country's economy and the devaluation of the local currency several times over the US dollar are prompting more and more people to use crypto currencies as a means of preserving capital.In developing countries, under the conditions of galloping inflation, the tendency to weakening national currencies has become global. In particular, active demand for Bitcoin is noted in countries such as Turkey, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela. Despite the global market, the price of a crypto currency can vary greatly on different trading floors. This situation allows you to extract guaranteed super profits from the current situation on individual exchanges. Our company interacts with leading crypto- currency exchanges and the best traders all over the world. Constant monitoring of factors of influence, expert analysis and effective risk management allow FlashBits professional team to react instantly to a rapidly changing market situation and invest in the most profitable projects to date. We are glad to announce that our team managed to quickly connect investments to trading on the Iranian crypto-exchange market and to receive the highest profit for its investors and partners these days. Invest with our and you are guaranteed to get your daily super profit in any situation on the market and in the economy!