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To solve the problem offered two ways: Bitcoin Unlimited — remove the limit of 1 MB. This was supported by many miners, as increasing the size of blocks not only eliminates the queue, but also increases the profitability of miners due to the growth of the total Commission in the block, even if the transaction fee falls[4]. Against were mostly developers-they believe that the removal of the limit will lead to an increase in requirements for the power of technology, small miners will go out of business, which will lead to the centralization of the system; Segregated Witness (SegWit) — some of the information is not stored in the blockchain, and in a separate file outside of the block chain. The developers believe that as a result, a lot of space will be freed, more transactions will be placed in the block and the speed of confirmations will increase[4]. Supporters of Bitcoin Unlimited believe that This is only a temporary and more complex solution.

Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange Bitfinex said on Thursday that a minority of bitcoin miners would be “forking” to create a new version of bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash on Aug. 1. The fork does not impact bitcoin balances, but it creates a new token, Bitfinex said. At the time of fork, all bitcoin addresses holding balance will have equivalent balances in bitcoin cash. A “fork” is when a blockchain splits into two potential paths. Bitcoin Cash balances will be distributed to those holding a settled bitcoin balance on Bitfinex and withdrawals are likely to be available soon after the fork, the company said. The firm, which runs one of the largest exchanges for trading bitcoin and other digital currencies, is also considering listing the new token under the ticker symbol “BCH” after the fork.

Information about the investors case

The income for the whole period is:72%

The total revenue is:0.3% in the day

The investment period is: 240 days

The minimum and maximum amount: 100$ - 15 000$

Total Percentage:: 0.3-50$ in the day

The dividend is calculated: 1 time per week

Return of the principal amount of investments: On Day 30

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