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Company is the copyright owner of all text and images created by its employees, and / or the copyright has been transferred Great Capital written by others (as in the case of our periodicals). In the case of the use of materials from other sources, even within the framework of the doctrine of "fair use", we make every effort to correct attribution of these works (in the form of references or footnotes). This document provides some guidelines and information on how to obtain the right to use Great Capital articles.

In addition, according to Australian copyright law in 1968, the Law on Industrial Designs, the Australian constitution, the Treaty on Copyright World Intellectual Property Organization and other applicable laws, Great Capital adopted a policy of termination of accounts whose owners have repeatedly violated the conditions under appropriate circumstances and at our discretion. We also may, at our sole discretion limit access to the Services and to terminate the accounts of users who infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties, regardless of whether the violation has been committed repeatedly.

Please note that many of the materials we use, including commercial sources, have limited or temporary right to use, so we can not give the right to copy them. The publication of articles in other publication or on another site must be our resolution that we give in most cases. Please contact us for permission. We encourage you to share our articles with family, friends and other persons.

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