Your interaction with sites and services that Great Capital is subject to this policy. If it is determined that you have violated this policy at any time at the discretion of Company, we can make you a warning, suspend or terminate your account. Please note that in accordance with the Terms of Use Great Capital we can to change this policy at any time. You are responsible for timely familiarization with the changes and compliance with this policy.

Company zero-tolerance policy regarding spam. This means that all recipients of e-mails must request a letter from you, the sender, or be willing to receive it. Accounts of subscribers can be frozen due to unwanted messages.

E-mail messages that are sent in connection with surveys Great Capital, must contain the "unsubscribe" link that allows subscribers to give up your mailing list. You acknowledge and agree that you will not hide, disable, or delete a link failure on the mailing of the letters or try to do it. You will handle requests received by you directly to the cancellation of the subscription within ten days from the date of dispatch, and accordingly update their email lists.

You are responsible for ensuring that sent e-mail messages that you have not generated a number of complaints about spam or unsubscribe, exceeding industry standards. If it is determined that your number of complaints about spam, or bounce rate exceeds industry standards, Great Capital has the right at its sole discretion to suspend or terminate your interaction with the site and the Services. If your emails low response rate, high abuse or high bounce rate, we can ask for more information about your mailing lists, to investigate and try to solve the problem; in some cases, we may suspend or remove the possibility to send to your account.

  1. Requirements for e-mail
  2. E-mails sent to you by Company, must contain a valid, owned or controlled by you to your e-mail address for an answer;
  3. We prohibit the use of illegally harvested mailing lists. Great Capital terminate the Accounts that violate this prohibition;
  4. We prohibit the use of third-party mailing lists purchased or rented, if you can not provide evidence that all persons in the list have agreed to receive emails from you;
  5. You must not send unsolicited messages to newsgroups, message boards, mailing lists and e-mail addresses;
  6. You should not use polls to send any commercial e-mail (as defined by the law on privacy in 1988) to any recipient who in any way refused to or unsubscribe from receiving such messages from you or another party on whose behalf you can act;
  7. If you intend to send commercial messages, you should be familiar with the law on privacy in 1988 year, which outlines the requirements of the Australian Commonwealth legislation on sending such letters, or any other applicable laws on the protection against spam;
  8. You should not use Great Capital to send messages with untrue or misleading headings.
  9. Message spam
  10. If you suspect that through Great Capital someone sends spam, please immediately contact us at ADMIN@greatcapital.org , and we will review your appeal.

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