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History of creation and development of the company «Greatcapital» In 2014, our group decided to set up its own business to work with investors trust funds, and to derive income from the volatility of the crypto currency The trading division of the company includes 16 exchange traders and 3 analysts from all over the world who work for the consistently best result of concluded trade transactions on the worlds crypto currency exchanges. The company effectively uses the experience of its employees and actively conducts trading operations in 28 currency pairs, using simultaneously 4 trading strategies, which reduces the risks of losses to practical zero. This is the main criterion for doing business with the company: to ensure the full safety of investors funds. Carrying out diversification of investment directions and regulating trade interventions for each transaction in the amount of no more than 5% of the balance of the trading account, the company guarantees the final profitability of all transactions for any trading session. In addition, the companys management personally makes a decision on the execution of trading operations, the volume of which may exceed the limits established for traders. General objectives and control of trading accounts allow us to confidently provide high passive online income for investors, relying on the long-term trading experience of traders.
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The main functions of Greatcapital are investment diversification and investment portfolio management, which includes securities of various issuers and other types of equity instruments. The pooling of investors money to Greatcapital, which are not only physical, but also legal entities, are strictly geared for further investments in specific projects, profitable programs, promising companies and are aimed at obtaining stable profits for our investors. All the profit is generated not only due to the accumulation of a significant part of the money, but, above all, due to the highly professional activities of our team around the world, which currently amounts to more than 200 people.

Why invest with Great Capital ?

The answer to this question is provided below, where only a very small number of advantages of Greatcapital are indicated, but remember the choice is always yours!

The reliability of your investments

By investing with Greatcapital you can be assured of the safety of your money and making a profit.

Choice of investment cases

We provide nine reliable cases. You can choose the most optimal investment case for your investment.

Stable dividend payments

Dividends paid to investors occur on time in accordance with the companys rules, without any delays.

Best Affiliate Program

An attractive three-level affiliate program that allows you to receive stable and unrestricted income.

Raising the status of the investor

Under certain conditions of the company, the statuses that increase the revenue from partners are automatically assigned.

Bonuses to active investors

If certain company conditions are met, our system will automatically charge bonuses (%) to your dividends.

Make your step in Reliable Future

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