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The company trades in kriptovalyutnymi funds to specialized markets, minimizing failures and subsidence through the restructuring of investment funds. With the help of spatial arbitrage and currency we are creating favorable conditions for the implementation of our investment obligations to customers in full.

Fulfilling trading operations, combining the buying and selling of currencies with relevant actions to make a profit from the difference in exchange rates on different foreign exchange markets for a certain period of time, our team of traders successfully implementing a temporary and currency arbitrage.

In addition, Company owns technologies that allow companies to use in their business latency arbitrage. Latency arbitrage (the most modern form of high-frequency (HTF) trading) gives our traders an advantage over competitors in the auction, due to faster gain access to a market selling price of the asset exchange.

More precisely, due to more rapid gain access to the current rate cryptocurrency. Our approach involves reduction of the transit time of the order of start and end points, and our merchants using predatory algorithms develop scripts defining the reaction orders for execution in the case of supply and demand move up or down. The possession of such information enables our traders huge, almost risk-free arbitrage opportunities. This strategy has been implemented by our company, thanks to its cash investment in technological development. It allows us to achieve the success and is guaranteed to safely and earn higher profits, ceteris paribus.The pooling of the funds of the Companys investors, which should be not only physical, but also legal entities, strictly directed to further investments in specific projects, profitable programs, prospective companies and aimed at obtaining investors support.

Invest in our cases before

Daily. For up to 30 days

Total profit for the whole term

Cryptocurrenсy cases

Medium-term cases allow income from 0.1% to 0.5% daily. You can open a warrant with a minimum amount of $ 50


Forex brokers

These cases allow you to get the fastest possible profit in the shortest possible time, however, the percentage of income is lower than in other cases


Investment companies

Serious cases for serious investors. Opening the order in one of the cases, you will receive income from 0.1% to 0.5% daily



Daily Income:0.5%

Revenue for the whole period:180%

Total Percentage:125- 750$ in the day



Daily Income:0.4%

Revenue for the whole period:96%

Duration: 240 days

Total Percentage:20-80$ in the day



Daily Income:0.3%

Revenue for the whole period: 96%

Duration: 240 days

Total Percentage:0.3- 50$ in the day

Industrial International

Legal & General

Daily Income: 0.4%

Revenue for the whole period: 72%

Duration:180 days

Total Percentage:100- 600$ in the day

Energy Global

Standard Life

Daily Income: 0.1%

Revenue for the whole period: 24%

Duration: 240 days

Total Percentage:20- 100$ in the day

Information Warehouse


Daily Income: 0.2%

Revenue for the whole period: 2%

Duration: 10 days

Total Percentage:0.1-6$ in the day

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Unique investment platform

Reliable DDos defence.

Comodo EV SSL шифрование.

Officially registered company

Professional team

The reliability of your investments


Reliability of your investments

Investing with Ether Capital

Stable dividend payments

Dividends paid to investors, in case of urgent rules, without any delays.

Best Affiliate Program

An attractive three-level affiliate program that allows you to receive stable and unrestricted income.

Greatcapital is registered and located in the UK with registration number 11052567

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Our investment strategy

You can safely trust our company. Be confident of the safety of your investments and getting a stable profit

Smart money movement

All funds of our investors are strictly distributed among the cases for further investments

Qualitative Analytics

All currently available cases are analyzed by our experts and are the best offer

Stable profit

All received profits are paid to investors in a strictly specified, in advance, percentage ratio

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